SBP issues customers exchange rates for September 07

SBP issues customers exchange rates for September 07

Karachi, September 07, 2021 – The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has issued the exchange rates for customers on Monday, September 07, 2021.

These rates, based on the weighted average rates of commercial banks, provide essential information for individuals and businesses involved in international transactions.

In an official statement, the SBP emphasized that the data is compiled and disseminated solely for informational purposes. These exchange rates are estimates provided by various commercial banks to their clients, serving as benchmarks for commercial transactions.

The indicative exchange rates for various currencies against the Pakistani Rupee (PKR) on September 07, 2021, are as follows:

• AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham):

• Buying: 45.6095 PKR

• Selling: 45.7074 PKR

• AUD (Australian Dollar):

• Buying: 124.2521 PKR

• Selling: 124.5100 PKR

• CAD (Canadian Dollar):

• Buying: 133.4613 PKR

• Selling: 133.7302 PKR

• CHF (Swiss Franc):

• Buying: 182.9718 PKR

• Selling: 182.3404 PKR

• CNY (Chinese Yuan):

• Buying: 25.9650 PKR

• Selling: 26.0153 PKR

• EUR (Euro):

• Buying: 198.7450 PKR

• Selling: 199.1685 PKR

• GBP (British Pound):

• Buying: 231.5185 PKR

• Selling: 231.9994 PKR

• JPY (Japanese Yen):

• Buying: 1.5253 PKR

• Selling: 1.5267 PKR

• SAR (Saudi Riyal):

• Buying: 44.6402 PKR

• Selling: 44.7321 PKR

• USD (United States Dollar):

• Buying: 167.3827 PKR

• Selling: 167.7460 PKR

These exchange rates are integral for businesses and individuals involved in international trade, providing a reference point for various financial transactions. The rates are indicative and are utilized by banks for commercial dealings with their customers.

In a constantly changing global economic environment, staying informed about changes in exchange rates is crucial for making well-informed financial decisions. The State Bank of Pakistan remains dedicated to transparency, providing timely and accurate information to the public, contributing to a stable and efficient financial environment in the country.

It is advisable for individuals and businesses to stay updated on the latest developments in the foreign exchange market, as fluctuations in exchange rates can have significant implications for international trade and finance. The SBP’s regular disclosures contribute to maintaining a transparent and stable financial system in Pakistan.