SBP issues KIBOR rates – April 30, 2022

SBP issues KIBOR rates – April 30, 2022

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) on Saturday released the latest Karachi Interbank Offered Rates (KIBOR) as of April 30, 2022. KIBOR is a benchmark rate for lending and borrowing between banks, influencing a wide range of financial products and transactions in the market.

The updated KIBOR rates for various tenors are as follows:


The KIBOR rates, which are set by the mutual agreement of participating banks, serve as a crucial indicator for interest rates on loans and other financial products across the country. These rates are reflective of the liquidity and market conditions in the financial sector.

The 1-week KIBOR rate is set at 12.33% for bid and 12.83% for offer, showing the short-term lending rates between banks. The 1-month rate stands at 12.77% bid and 13.27% offer, indicating a moderate increase compared to shorter tenors.

For longer tenors, such as the 3-month and 6-month periods, the rates are set at 14.40% bid and 14.65% offer, and 14.58% bid and 14.83% offer respectively. These rates suggest a higher cost of borrowing for banks as the tenor increases, reflecting market expectations of interest rate trends and economic conditions.

The 9-month and 1-year tenors, typically used for longer-term financial planning, are set at 14.59% bid and 15.09% offer for 9 months, and 14.63% bid and 15.13% offer for 1 year. These rates are slightly higher, indicating banks’ anticipation of increasing interest rates over the longer term.

The SBP’s release of KIBOR rates plays a significant role in guiding the financial industry, influencing everything from corporate loans to mortgages and personal financing. These rates are particularly important for businesses and individuals planning their financial strategies, as they provide a transparent and reliable benchmark for borrowing costs.

As the economic landscape continues to evolve, the KIBOR rates reflect ongoing market sentiments and the SBP’s monetary policy stance. Market participants closely monitor these rates to make informed decisions on lending, borrowing, and investment activities.

The release of the latest KIBOR rates is part of the SBP’s efforts to maintain transparency and stability in the financial markets, ensuring that the banking sector operates efficiently and effectively to support economic growth and stability in Pakistan.