School children to promote income tax return filing

School children to promote income tax return filing

The school children have started motivating their parents to file income tax returns for Tax Year 2022. In this regard Saint Patrick’s High School, Karachi asked a question in the assembly session on September 19, 2022 about the last date of filing income tax return.

Few children knew about the deadline and the school management appreciated the children for their awareness.

The school also urged the children to motivate their parents to discharge their national duty by filing annual income tax return and declaration of assets for Tax Year 2022.

Christine Martins, Dean of Upper Cambridge, Saint Patrick’s High School, commented on filing income tax return. “Right now I am in the process of doing my tax filing as the last date is September 30, 2022. It is an integral duty that we as honest citizens must fulfil. Evasion of honest tax filing is a serious and criminal offence. For me it means being a dishonest citizen.”

She further added: “If I am honest today, I hope that my reward will be my own children and my students, emulate my practice, only then will I think I have effectively touched lines to make a difference, a positive change.”

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Monday said it will not extend the last date for filing income tax returns beyond September 30, 2022.

The revenue body recently launched a campaign to motivate people for filing income tax returns. The FBR said: “Like every year before, the FBR launched a comprehensive awareness campaign to maximize its outreach through electronic and print media, urging taxpayers both existing and new, to file Income Tax Returns on time. The last date to file returns is September 30, 2022.”

The FBR issued an alert about the last date stating that last date to file income tax returns will not be extended. “Last date to file income tax returns for individuals and association of persons (AOPs) is September 30, 2022,” the FBR added.

The revenue body said that income tax returns can be filed through: Tax Asaan APP and FBR website.

It further stated that tax payment is possible through: internet and mobile banking; credit card and ATMs; cash and bank account.

The FBR further urged the taxpayers to file tax returns and avail exemption from 100 per cent increased withholding tax rates.

The tax body highlighted mandatory income tax return filing for persons and corporate entities.

The FBR said that all resident persons registered with professional bodies, i.e. chamber of commerce, Pakistan Bar Council or Market Committee etc. are required to file income tax returns.