Sindh May Deny Unregistered Vehicles Access to Roads

Sindh May Deny Unregistered Vehicles Access to Roads

Sindh Provincial Minister Sharjeel Memon, has announced plans to deny unregistered vehicles access to the province’s roads.

The announcement was made during a session of the Sindh Assembly, where the minister outlined the new legislative measures aimed at enforcing immediate car registration.

“We are introducing a new law that will require car registration before leaving the showroom,” Memon stated. This is a significant shift from the current law, which allows car owners a 60-day window to register their vehicles.

The minister emphasized the necessity of this amendment to curb the prevalent use of ‘Applied For’ number plates, which have been exploited by vehicle owners to evade timely registration for years. “We want to end this culture,” he asserted.

Addressing the specifics of the amendment, Memon highlighted that it would apply to both locally assembled and imported cars. Given Karachi’s role as the primary entry point for imported vehicles due to its seaport, the new regulations will ensure these cars are registered at the port itself if they are to remain in Karachi.

Vehicles destined for other provinces will be transported on carriers or trucks and will not be allowed to drive on Sindh’s roads unregistered. “If it’s a Karachi car, it will be registered at the port, and if it belongs to owners from other provinces, then it will be sent on carriers or trucks,” Memon clarified.

In addition to the registration reform, the minister announced several other upcoming initiatives aimed at enhancing the efficiency and convenience of tax and registration processes for vehicle owners in Sindh:

Online Tax Payments: Citizens will soon be able to pay their taxes online through banking apps, simplifying the payment process.

Upgraded Excise Office: The Excise office in Civic Center, Karachi, will be upgraded with air conditioning and a seat-by-seat token system to improve citizen comfort and service efficiency.

Extended Service Hours: A new Excise center will be established with extended hours, remaining open until 9 p.m., to better serve working individuals who might struggle to visit during regular business hours.

Mobile Service: Plans are underway to launch a mobile service for vehicle registration and tax payments, providing doorstep service at an additional cost.

These policies and regulations are in the developmental stages and will be formally implemented following approval by the provincial assembly. The initiative represents a comprehensive effort by the Sindh government to modernize vehicle registration and tax processes, thereby enhancing administrative efficiency and road safety across the province.