SITE Association demand date extension for income tax return filing

SITE Association demand date extension for income tax return filing

Abdul Rasheed, the President of the SITE Association of Industry, has urged the government to extend the deadline for filing income tax returns, citing the recent heavy rains and floods that have severely impacted business activities across the country.

Rasheed proposed an extension from the current deadline of September 30, 2022, to December 31, 2022, to provide relief to the business community facing financial difficulties due to the natural calamities.

In his appeal, Abdul Rasheed highlighted the adverse effects of heavy rain and flooding on business and commercial activities in numerous areas of the country. The aftermath of these natural disasters has created substantial challenges for the business community, making it impractical for them to meet the original deadline for filing income tax returns by September 30, 2022.

Rasheed emphasized that the extension of the deadline to December 31, 2022, would enable businesses to overcome the financial hardships resulting from the recent calamities and facilitate a smoother process for submitting their income tax returns. He stressed the importance of providing relief to honest taxpayers who are currently grappling with the economic repercussions of the adverse weather conditions.

The President of SITE Association of Industry underscored the critical need for the government to consider the unique circumstances faced by businesses in the wake of heavy rains and floods. The extension of the income tax return deadline, according to Abdul Rasheed, is a necessary step to support the business community in fulfilling their tax obligations without undue pressure.

Abdul Rasheed’s appeal aligns with the broader sentiment among business leaders and taxpayers who believe that the current challenges warrant flexibility in meeting tax-related deadlines. The unexpected disruptions caused by natural disasters have not only affected the financial stability of businesses but have also hindered their ability to adhere to regulatory timelines.

The SITE Association of Industry Chief’s request to extend the deadline until the end of the year aims to prevent a situation where a significant number of honest taxpayers might miss the filing deadline due to the exceptional circumstances created by the recent heavy rains and floods.

As the government evaluates the economic landscape and considers measures to support businesses in their recovery efforts, the appeal from Abdul Rasheed serves as a plea for understanding and flexibility in the face of unforeseen challenges. Extending the income tax return deadline could be a proactive measure to alleviate the burden on businesses and promote a more sustainable economic recovery.