SITE industrialists condemn gas suspension

SITE industrialists condemn gas suspension

KARACHI: Abdul Rasheed, President, SITE Association of Industries (SAI), has criticized the suspension of gas supply to all non-export general industries.

In a statement issued on Monday, while totally rejecting SSGC’s imprudent decision to suspend gas supply to all non-export general industries, he demanded that instead of doing so, the SSGC should carry out staggered gas holidays along with better load management which would ensure non – export general industries will continue to run according to the given schedule.

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SAI president said that SSGC’s management which appears to be unaware of what was happening and was unable to control the situation, must go for staggering holidays and better load management in order to provide relief to the perturbed business & industrial community who are providing livelihood to millions of people.

Rasheed also questioned the policy to prioritising gas supply to domestic consumers over job security. “What good is gas availability for an unemployed person,” he questioned.

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He urged the government to no take populist decisions and understand the negative impact of shutting down manufacturing activity on employment and inflation.

Abdul Rasheed said the exemption given to export sector would not provide the desired results as general industries supply essential raw materials to export-oriented industries hence are an integral part of the supply chain must stay operational otherwise the export sector even with gas would not be able maintain the pace of exports.

Terming suspension of gas supply to non-export general industries as detrimental, he said, that SITE Association will not stay silent and we will use all available options including a huge sit-in outside SSGC’s Head office until relief is provided to all industries without any discrimination.

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SAI president was of the opinion that gas suspension to general industries would not only result in increased unemployment but would also fuel massive inflation due to shortage of essential goods in the market. “With inflation already at 18% YoY, any supply side disruption would make the situation untenable for the masses as supply side shortages would jack up prices further eroding the purchasing power of the lowest strata,” he added.

Rasheed further said that Imran Khan did not shutdown industries during COVID 19 for these very reasons while SSGC has done the same without giving heed to Prime Minister’s clear policy on the matter.