Sony introduces High-Capacity CFexpress Type A Memory Cards

Sony introduces High-Capacity CFexpress Type A Memory Cards

Sony has unveiled two new memory cards, the CEA-M1920T and CEA-960T, as part of its CEA-M Series CFexpress Type A lineup.

These compact cards, conforming to CFexpress 2.0 and VPG200 standards, offer impressive capacities of 1920 GB and 960 GB respectively. With a VPG200 rating ensuring stable video recording and resistance to bending, drop impact, dust, and moisture, these high-performance cards are designed to meet the demands of professional users.

The CEA-M1920T and CEA-960T memory cards are perfect for extended on-location shoots, providing ample space for recording videos or capturing still images without worrying about running out of media storage. The VPG200 Video Performance Guarantee rating allows for stable recording at 200 MB/s, preventing dropped frames even during intensive tasks like recording XAVC S-I 4K footage.

Despite their large capacities, these CFexpress Type A cards are remarkably compact, being approximately half the size of Type B cards and even smaller than SD cards. The cards utilize a unique alloy with excellent heat transmission properties to maintain optimal performance and long-term stability, making them reliable for internally recording vast amounts of data required for high-quality 4K 120p video.

Additionally, the CEA-M1920T and CEA-960T cards inherit the renowned toughness of Sony’s CEA-G series CFexpress Type A cards, providing resistance against dust, moisture, water, bending, and drop impact to ensure the protection of valuable data.

To further enhance user convenience, Sony offers free desktop applications that support data protection for CFexpress Type A cards. The Media Scan Utility diagnoses the flash memory’s condition, while the Memory Card File Rescue allows for the recovery of accidentally deleted image data. These applications support RAW images and 4K movie data.

The CEA-M1920T and CEA-960T memory cards are scheduled to be available at Sony’s authorized dealers starting in July 2023. The estimated retail prices for the cards are €1,800 EUROS and €1,000 EUROS respectively.

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