SRB suspends sales tax registration of Burshane Petroleum

SRB suspends sales tax registration of Burshane Petroleum

KARACHI: Sindh Revenue Board (SRB) has suspended sales tax registration of M/s. Burshane Petroleum Private Limited for defaulting payments for eight months and non-compliance of return filing for the same period.

The SRB in a notice of suspension, said that short declaration of sales and non-payment of sales tax on services is contravention of Sales Tax on Services Act, 2011.

The board said that record of the company revealed that it had M/s. Hascol Petroleum Limited declared purchases of Rs310.95 million including sales tax of Rs40.42 million from Burshane Petroleum Pvt. Ltd during February 2019 to September 2019, and had also paid sales tax on services amount of Rs32.339 million to M/s. Burshane Petroleum Pvt Limited for onward payment to SRB.

However, Burshane Petroleum Pvt Limited have not filed their monthly sales tax return during February 2019 to September 2019 leading to sales suppression of Rs310.95 million and short payment of sales tax of Rs32.34 million.

The SRB said that the suspension would only be revoked if the company takes following remedial action by November 28, 2019:

To declare all sales and discharge all Sindh sales tax dues along with default surcharge.

To e-file the true and correct monthly Sindh sales tax return for the tax periods.

Further, the company has been directed to submit summary list along with copies of all invoices issued during January 2019 up to September 2019, copies of sales tax returns filed with other provincial sales tax authorities and copies of withholding certificates alongwith payment proofs.

The SRB warned that in case of non-satisfactory response for failure to take remedial measures on or before November 28, 2019, further necessary action would be taken as envisaged under the Act.