Procedure to make application for income tax refund payment

KARACHI: A taxpayer is allowed to claim refund against excess payment of income tax against total liability during a tax year. Read more »

Salary persons should obtain withholding income tax deduction certificates to get refund/adjustment

KARACHI: Salary persons having above threshold income for tax year 2019 should obtain certificates of withholding tax in order to get refund / adjustment after filing annual income tax returns. Read more »

Chief collector directs simplifying refund payment system

KARACHI: Mrs. Surriya Ahmed Butt, Chief Collector of Appraisement (South) has issued directives to customs authorities to simplify refund payment system. Read more »

Sales Tax Act 1990: Recovery of amount erroneously refunded

KARACHI: The officers of Inland Revenue have been authorized to recover tax for refund amount erroneously issued to taxpayer along with penalties and default surcharge. Read more »