Procedure to make application for income tax refund payment

Procedure to make application for income tax refund payment

KARACHI: A taxpayer is allowed to claim refund against excess payment of income tax against total liability during a tax year.

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has notified procedure to apply for income tax refunds.

The taxpayer should follow the procedure in order to file an application for availing income tax refund:

Prescribed application for refund of tax.- An application for refund of tax under section 170 shall be made in the following form, namely:-

The Commissioner,

______________ Zone,

______________ (City).

Dear Sir,

I _________________________________________________ of _________________________________ hereby declare:-

(a) that my total income computed in accordance with the provisions of Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 (XLIV of 2001), during the year ending on being the income year for the assessment for the year ending on the _______________ amounted to Rs._______________.

(b) that the total tax chargeable in respect of such total income is Rs._______________.

(c) that the total amount of tax paid is Rs._______________.

(d) that I have already filed evidence of payment of tax along with my return of income for the year or I enclose herewith evidence of tax already paid during the tax year for taking credit.

I, therefore, request that a refund of Rs._______________ may be allowed to me.

Yours faithfully_________________________

Signature ____________________________



I hereby declare that I am resident/ non-resident and that what is in this application is correct.

Date ____________________ Signature________________

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