Tax expenditures against transfer of participatory reserve

Tax expenditures against transfer of participatory reserve

Section 31 of Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 has allowed transfer of participatory reserve on certain circumstances.

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) issued the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 updated up to June 30, 2021. The Ordinance incorporated amendments brought through Finance Act, 2021.

31. Transfer to participatory reserve.—(1) Subject to this section, a company shall be allowed a deduction for a tax year for any amount transferred by the company in the year to a participatory reserve created under section 66 of the Companies Act, 2017 (XIX of 2017) in accordance with an agreement relating to participatory redeemable capital entered into between the company and a banking company as defined in the Financial Institutions(Recovery of Finances) Ordinance,2001 (XLVI of 2001).

(2) The deduction allowed under subsection (1) for a tax year shall be limited to five per cent of the value of the company’s participatory redeemable capital.

(3) No deduction shall be allowed under subsection (1) if the amount of the tax exempted accumulation in the participatory reserve exceeds ten per cent of the amount of the participatory redeemable capital.

(4) Where any amount accumulated in the participatory reserve of a company has been allowed as a deduction under this section is applied by the company towards any purpose other than payment of share of profit on the participatory redeemable capital or towards any purpose not allowable for deduction or exemption under this Ordinance the amount so applied shall be included in the income from business of the company in the tax year in which it is so applied.

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