Tax offices directed to issue penalty notices to sugar mills for not complying VAS

Tax offices directed to issue penalty notices to sugar mills for not complying VAS

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has directed tax offices to issue penalty notices to sugar mills, which have failed to install video analytics system, sources said on Saturday.

The FBR directed Chief Commissioners of LTO, MTO, CTO of Karachi, Lahore and RTO Peshawar to issue penalty notices to non-compliant sugar mills which have not followed FBR guidelines.

The FBR also decided to launch stern action from next week against sugar mills and suppliers of video analytics system (VAS), who failed to comply with the mandatory requirement under the law.

“The FBR will take action by imposing heavy penalties on non-compliant sugar mills and non-compliant vendors if they fail to install the video analytic equipment at their factory premises by January 31, 2021,” according to a notice sent to vendors of VAS.

The notice has been sent to all the pre-qualified vendors, included: M/s. AJCL (Pvt) Ltd., M/s. TPL Trekker, M/s. CNS Engineering & Technology, M/s. NRTC and GCS, M/s. COMMTEL, M/s. DWP Technologies and M/s. Focus Technology Pvt Ltd.

The FBR said that it had authorized seven vendors through its report on November 20, 2020 for VAS and the copy was shared with Pakistan Sugar Mills Association (PSMA) and all pre-qualified vendors to initiate the process.

In order to ensure the implementation of VAS, the FBR issued a letter on December 02, 2020 directing the PSMA to provide mill wise update status of deployment of VAS by December 31, 2020, which was further extended up to January 31, 2021.

“In response to the letters only few sugar mills have issued final quotations to the vendors for installation of the system. However, large number of sugar mills is not willing to implement the system as they have either issued provisional quotations or not issued any quotation at all the process of VAS.”

The FBR observed that the pre-qualified vendors had failed to install the video analytics equipment on the sugar mills, which had issued final quotations to the pre-qualified vendors for the system.

It is pertinent to mention that the Video Analytics Rules, 2020 were issued through SRO 889(I)/2020 dated September 21, 2020. These clearly laid down responsibilities of the manufacturer to provide unhindered availability of production facilities for installation of the system.

Besides, Rule 150ZQT(2) of the rules provides severe penalty of non-removal goods from business premises by non-compliant manufacturing units.