Taxpayers need to update profile to ensure active status

ISLAMABAD: Taxpayers are mandatorily required to update their profit in order to keep their name in the Active Taxpayers List (ATL), sources in Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) said.

Amendment has been made to Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 through Finance Act, 2020, which is approved by the National Assembly.

A new sub-section 2 has been included to Section 182A of the Ordinance, to make it mandatory for taxpayers to update their profile on the FBR’s online system in order to ensure their names are on the ATL.

The new sub-section is read as:

“(2) Where a person fails to furnish or update a taxpayer’s profile within due date or time specified in sub-section (3) of Section 114A or within the date as extended by the Board (FBR) under Section 214A, such person shall not be included in the active taxpayers’ list for the latest tax year ending prior to the aforesaid due date or extended date:

“Provided that without prejudice to any other liability under this ordinance, such person shall be included in the active taxpayers’ list upon filing the taxpayers’ profile after the due date or extended date, if the person pays surcharge at Rupees –

(a) twenty thousand in case of a company;

(b) ten thousand in case of an association of persons; and

(c) one thousand in case of an individual.”

Through the Finance Act, 2020 fine and penalty have also been prescribed:

Any person who is required to furnish or update a taxpayer’s profit but fails to furnish or update within the due date: such a person shall pay a penalty of Rs2500 for each day of default from the due date subject to a minimum penalty of Rs10,000.

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