Tom Cruise Celebrates ‘Edge of Tomorrow,’ Praises Emily Blunt

Tom Cruise Celebrates ‘Edge of Tomorrow,’ Praises Emily Blunt

Tom Cruise commemorated the 10th anniversary of the sci-fi action film Edge of Tomorrow, reflecting on the memorable experiences and exceptional teamwork that brought the film to life.

The 61-year-old actor particularly highlighted the contributions of his co-star, Emily Blunt, applauding her “dedication,” “humor,” and overall performance.

“It’s been 10 years since Edge of Tomorrow first hit theaters! I want to take the opportunity to thank Emily Blunt once again for being such a great friend and brilliant actress. I love her performance in this film. Her dedication. Her humor. Her vulnerability and power. She brought it all,” Cruise shared with his 6.5 million followers.

Tom Cruise, known for his roles in action-packed franchises like Mission Impossible, also reminisced about the incredible memories associated with the film. He expressed gratitude to the film’s director, Doug Liman, and acknowledged the late actor Bill Paxton, whose portrayal left a lasting impact.

“My first collaboration with Doug Liman. Rejoining the indomitable Brendan Gleeson. And my first time working alongside the great Bill Paxton. His performance and the character he created left an indelible mark on this film,” Tom Cruise wrote, highlighting the strong ensemble that contributed to the movie‚Äôs success.

Additionally, Tom Cruise praised screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie for his crucial role in making the film a standout success. He also extended his gratitude to the fans and Warner Bros. for their continued support.

“To everyone who has enjoyed this film over the years, thank you for being a fan. And thank you to Warner Bros. for making this film,” Tom Cruise concluded, encapsulating his appreciation for all who contributed to the film’s enduring legacy.

Edge of Tomorrow, released in 2014, has garnered a dedicated following for its innovative plot and compelling performances, standing as a testament to the collaborative spirit of its cast and crew.