Toyota Resumes Production After Diesel Engine Clearance

Toyota Resumes Production After Diesel Engine Clearance

In response to the recent diesel engine irregularities at Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO), Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) has swiftly moved to address the issue and announce the resumption of production, bringing relief to awaiting customers and stakeholders alike.

This proactive step follows the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism’s decision on February 27 to lift the shipment suspension of TICO-manufactured diesel engines, signaling a positive development in the resolution of the issue.

The irregularities in certification of TICO diesel engines prompted Toyota to suspend operations on some of its production lines. However, with the recent clearance, Toyota is set to resume production on March 4, with key production lines such as Inabe Production Line #1 and Gifu Auto Body Production Line #1 gearing up to restart operations.

By utilizing TICO engines once again, Toyota aims to restore production across all its Japanese plants and resume domestic shipments, thereby ensuring minimal disruption to its supply chain and fulfilling customer demand.

Acknowledging the inconvenience caused to customers and stakeholders, Toyota extended a deep apology for the delays and concerns arising from the diesel engine irregularities. The company is committed to addressing the issue comprehensively and ensuring that safety and quality remain the top priorities across all its operations.

As part of its commitment to transparency and accountability, Toyota will conduct thorough reviews to ensure that similar issues are prevented in the future. This includes reinforcing quality control measures and implementing robust oversight mechanisms to uphold the highest standards of safety and compliance.

In terms of production, several vehicle models are slated to resume manufacturing following the clearance of diesel engine certification. Inabe Plant Production Line #1 will see the production of TICO-equipped models such as HIACE, ACE, and GRANACE, alongside other popular models like Alphard and Vellfire. Similarly, Gifu Auto Body Production Line #1 will resume production of TICO models, including HIACE and ACE, as well as other variants such as ambulances.

Furthermore, Toyota’s overseas production of the LAND CRUISER 300 at the Yoshiwara Plant has already resumed, with domestic deliveries set to follow suit. Additionally, the shipment of the Hilux, manufactured at Toyota Motor Thailand, is scheduled to resume on March 4.

These developments underscore Toyota’s commitment to swiftly addressing challenges and restoring normalcy to its operations, both domestically and internationally.