Traders announces three-day shutter down protest against tax measures from July 08

Traders announces three-day shutter down protest against tax measures from July 08

KARACHI: Small traders have announced three-day shutter down protest in the commercial and financial hub of the country against the changes in tax regime, which are implemented through Finance Act, 2019.

The Tajir Action Committee in a press conference on Saturday announced the shutter down across Karachi for three days starting from July 08, saying that the changes in tax regime are not acceptable.

The committee presented its 11-point demands to the government and urged the authorities to withdraw or amend the laws to provide relief to small traders.

Rizwan Irfan, the senior leader of the committee, said that in case the demands are not accepted the protest would prolong.

Jameel Pracha, another leader, said that the decision to close down the markets was taken in consultation all traders association.

The committee demanded abolishing value added tax and reducing turnover tax from 0.6 percent to 0.3 percent.

Further the threshold of Rs10 million should be given for sales tax registration.

The annual income of Rs1.2 million should be exempted from income tax.

The condition of obtaining computerized national identity card (CNIC) should be relaxed up to sales of Rs50,000.

The government should introduce a fixed tax regime for retailers. The proposed fixed tax should be introduced in four different categories.

Income tax return forms should be introduced in Urdu language as well.

Tax audits should be stopped.

Mobile phone registration with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) should be stopped and a levy of Rs400 should be implemented.

Abolish 10 percent regulatory duty on import of second-hand (used) cloths.

The Tajir Action Committee also demanded to stop harassment by officials of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). They also urged Army Chief to intervene in this situation.

The traders demanded replacing the governor of Sindh.

They said that the protest strike may prolong if their demands are not accepted.