Turmoil at Tax Offices: FBR Suspends Lahore RTO DC

Turmoil at Tax Offices: FBR Suspends Lahore RTO DC

PkRevenue.com – The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has suspended Khurram Fakhar Siddique, Deputy Commissioner (DC) Headquarter, Regional Tax Office (RTO) Lahore.

The suspension, effective immediately, will last for 120 days or until further orders. The notification, issued on May 30, 2024, cites that Siddique, an Inland Revenue Service (IRS) officer of BS-18 grade, is relieved of his duties, although the FBR has yet to publicly disclose the specific reasons behind this drastic measure.

Sources privy to the matter indicate that Siddique’s suspension stems from a recent altercation between the Lahore tax offices. Allegedly, a dispute erupted over the jurisdiction and processing of a significant tax refund case. The case was initially handled by the RTO Lahore but subsequently transferred to the Large Taxpayers Office (LTO) Lahore for finalization.

The sequence of events took a volatile turn when Siddique reportedly confronted officials at the LTO, expressing his displeasure over their swift processing of the refund. According to circulating reports in various WhatsApp groups, the confrontation escalated to the point where Siddique allegedly brandished a firearm during the altercation. These reports, while not officially confirmed, have sparked significant concern and discussion within the tax administration community.

In the wake of this incident, the FBR has undertaken a sweeping administrative reshuffle. The Chief Commissioner LTO Lahore, Commissioner LTO Lahore, and Chief Commissioner RTO Lahore have all been transferred to the administrative pool, a move signaling the gravity of the situation. This administrative shake-up underscores the FBR’s commitment to maintaining order and integrity within its ranks.

The FBR has initiated an internal probe to thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding the altercation and the subsequent suspension. This inquiry will seek to ascertain the facts and determine the appropriate course of action based on the findings.

This incident marks a significant disruption within the FBR’s operations, highlighting underlying tensions and the potential for conflict within the tax offices. The suspension of a high-ranking officer such as Siddique is a rare and severe action, reflecting the seriousness with which the FBR views the alleged misconduct.

As the investigation unfolds, it remains to be seen how these developments will impact the overall morale and operational efficiency of the tax offices in Lahore. The outcome of the probe and any resultant actions will likely set a precedent for handling similar issues in the future, reinforcing the importance of maintaining professional conduct and adherence to procedural integrity within the FBR.