Updated Price of Yamaha YB 125Z in Pakistan

Updated Price of Yamaha YB 125Z in Pakistan

The Yamaha YB 125Z stands out as a favored 125cc commuter motorcycle crafted by Yamaha Motor Pakistan. This bike has earned a reputation for its dependability, excellent fuel economy, and pragmatic features, making it an ideal choice for daily commuting needs. Its heart lies in a four-stroke engine, ensuring a harmonious blend of power and fuel efficiency.

The YB 125Z usually boasts a sporty and dynamic design, marked by its sleek contours, aerodynamic forms, and a stylish front fairing. These aesthetic elements are thoughtfully designed to captivate a younger audience and individuals seeking a contemporary commuter motorcycle.


The Yamaha YB 125Z is priced at Rs396,000, up from its previous tag of Rs380,500, reflecting an increase of Rs15,500.

Available Exterior Colors:

The Yamaha YB 125Z comes in a range of exterior color options, such as Vivid Cocktail Red and Metallic Black.


The Yamaha YB 125Z boasts a reliable and efficient engine designed to deliver a smooth and powerful performance. The air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC (Single Overhead Cam), 2-valve engine ensures optimal cooling, enhancing the engine’s longevity and overall performance. With a displacement of 124 cm3 and a bore x stroke of 54.0 mm x 54.0 mm, the engine strikes a balance between power and fuel efficiency.

The engine’s compression ratio stands at 10:01, optimizing the combustion process for better fuel economy and reduced emissions. Riders have the convenience of both an electric starter and a kickstarter, ensuring hassle-free startups in any situation. To keep the engine components well-lubricated, the Yamaha YB 125Z utilizes a wet sump lubrication system with a capacity of 1.0 liter of engine oil.

With a generous fuel tank capacity of 13 liters, this motorcycle is built for longer rides without frequent refueling stops. The engine’s fuel delivery is managed through a carburetor, which aids in precise fuel mixture control for improved performance. The ignition system employs CDI (Capacitor Discharge Ignition), providing reliable spark timing for efficient combustion.

To handle the engine’s power effectively, the Yamaha YB 125Z is equipped with a wet, multi-disc clutch, ensuring smooth engagement and disengagement of power to the transmission. Speaking of which, the constant mesh 5-speed transmission enables seamless gear shifts, allowing the rider to explore a wide range of speeds and terrains effortlessly.


The Yamaha YB 125Z is a well-crafted motorcycle with a sturdy diamond frame that provides both strength and stability on the road. Equipped with reliable tires, the front tire size is 2.75-18, while the rear tire size measures 90/90-18 51 S, ensuring a firm grip and excellent traction on various surfaces.

In terms of dimensions, the Yamaha YB 125Z has an overall length of 1,980 mm, a width of 735 mm, and a height of 1,045 mm, offering a balanced and comfortable riding position for the rider. The seat height stands at 770 mm, providing a confident and accessible seating position for a wide range of riders. With a wheelbase of 1,285 mm, the motorcycle demonstrates enhanced stability and maneuverability, making it suitable for both city commuting and longer journeys.

To tackle different terrains, the Yamaha YB 125Z boasts a commendable minimum ground clearance of 150 mm, preventing any unnecessary scraping or hindrance during rides. Despite its robust build and impressive features, the motorcycle manages to keep its wet weight, with oil and a full fuel tank, at a manageable 118 kg, contributing to its nimble handling and ease of use.


The Yamaha YB 125Z showcases a sleek and sporty design that exudes both style and functionality. With its diamond frame forming the backbone of the motorcycle, it provides a sturdy foundation while adding a touch of modern aesthetics. The bike’s body panels feature smooth contours and aerodynamic lines, enhancing its visual appeal and contributing to reduced wind resistance during rides.

At the front, the Yamaha YB 125Z features a sharp and aggressive-looking headlamp, which not only provides excellent visibility at night but also adds to the motorcycle’s striking front-end design. The front fender complements the overall look, blending seamlessly with the front tire and adding a touch of elegance.

Moving along the sides, the fuel tank has a well-sculpted and ergonomic design, providing the rider with a comfortable and natural grip. The tank also features stylish decals and graphics that enhance its sporty appearance. The seat is ergonomically contoured, offering a comfortable and accommodating riding posture for both the rider and pillion, while the rear section of the bike boasts a clean and minimalistic tail design.

The exhaust system is neatly integrated into the design, giving the rear end a tidy and refined look. Additionally, the rear fender is subtly designed to protect against road debris while maintaining a visually appealing rear profile.

The Yamaha YB 125Z is equipped with wheels that contribute to reduced weight and improved handling. The tires, with their specific sizes (2.75-18 front and 90/90-18 51 S rear), strike a balance between grip and stability.

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