USC to announce special discount package for Ramazan

USC to announce special discount package for Ramazan

In an effort to provide relief to the public during the holy month of Ramazan, the Utility Stores Corporation (USC) is set to unveil a special discount package starting from April 1, 2021.

Managing Director of USC, Umer Lodhi, announced this initiative, stating that the package would offer affordable rates and subsidies on over 19 essential commodities across all utility stores in the country.

Lodhi emphasized that this year’s Ramazan relief package would differ from previous years, taking into account the current market dynamics and the challenges posed by high food prices. The Managing Director highlighted that comprehensive measures would be implemented to ensure the provision of the best facilities to the public during Ramazan. The proposed package is expected to receive approval from the Economic Coordination Council (ECC).

To guarantee a smooth supply chain during the holy month, Lodhi stated that efforts would be made to ensure the efficient distribution of all commodities across the country. Additionally, a special monitoring mechanism would be installed at the district level to track the stock and availability of essential food items at utility stores.

The USC MD assured that the corporation would maintain ample stocks of daily essential items, acting as a price moderator in the market to prevent profiteering and hoarding. The strategy involves procuring quality items directly from producers and selling them at more affordable prices to the consumers.

Umer Lodhi advised the public to buy only the required items during Ramazan, cautioning against unnecessary stockpiling of relief items at homes. He emphasized that such practices could lead to shortages in stores, and by purchasing only what is needed, consumers can contribute to maintaining a balanced supply chain.

This move by the Utility Stores Corporation reflects a proactive approach to address the economic challenges faced by citizens during the holy month. As the USC prepares to implement this special Ramazan discount package, it aims to alleviate financial burdens on households and foster a more equitable distribution of essential commodities throughout the country. The approval of the package by the Economic Coordination Council is awaited, marking a significant step towards ensuring a more affordable Ramazan for the people of Pakistan.