Veteran Journalists Appointed to FPCCI Media Committee

Veteran Journalists Appointed to FPCCI Media Committee

Karachi, April 29, 2024 – In a significant move aimed at strengthening its media relations and public outreach, the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) has made key appointments to its Central Standing Committee on ‘Press and Electronic Media’ for the year 2024-2025.

Renowned journalist Kashif Munir has been named the convener, while senior journalist Masood Ahmed Siddiqui will serve as the deputy convenor.

FPCCI President Atif Ikram Sheikh announced these appointments earlier today, expressing his confidence in both journalists’ abilities to enhance the committee’s operations. “Kashif and Masood are not only veteran journalists with deep ties to the business community but are also profoundly aware of the sector’s challenges and dynamics. Their expertise will be pivotal in conveying the voice of the business community effectively to relevant government quarters,” Sheikh remarked during the press conference.

The appointment of Kashif Munir and Masood Ahmed Siddiqui comes at a crucial time when FPCCI is looking to amplify its role and visibility in the economic landscape of Pakistan. Both appointees are well-regarded in the media industry for their extensive reporting on economic and financial issues and are recognized for their active engagement in highlighting the concerns of the business sector.

Kashif Munir, in his remarks following the announcement, committed to revitalizing the image and effectiveness of the FPCCI. “It is an honor to lead this committee. Alongside Masood Ahmed Siddiqui and other esteemed members, we aim to strategize and consult rigorously to enhance FPCCI’s media presence and ensure that the pressing issues of our business community are addressed comprehensively,” said Munir. He stressed the importance of maintaining a robust communication channel between the business community and governmental authorities, a task he sees as central to his new role.

Masood Ahmed Siddiqui, the newly appointed Deputy Convenor, also shared his enthusiasm for their joint role: “Our objective is clear – to make FPCCI’s initiatives and concerns more visible and understood through effective media engagement. We plan to harness both traditional and new media platforms to reach a broader audience and stakeholder base.”

The FPCCI’s Central Standing Committee on ‘Press and Electronic Media’ plays a critical role in shaping the public narrative around trade, commerce, and industry-related issues. By fostering direct and continuous interaction with the press and managing the flow of information, the committee ensures that the business community’s perspective is well represented in public discourse.

These appointments are part of a broader effort by FPCCI to reform its approach towards policy advocacy and public relations. In an era where media influence is paramount in shaping policy and public opinion, the roles of Kashif Munir and Masood Ahmed Siddiqui will be pivotal in steering the FPCCI towards more proactive engagement with stakeholders across various platforms.

As FPCCI gears up for an active year ahead, all eyes will be on how these new appointments bolster its media strategies and communication, potentially transforming the federation’s interface with both the government and the private sector. With these strategic leadership roles now filled by individuals possessing a profound understanding of media dynamics and business advocacy, FPCCI is set to enhance its influence and effectiveness in representing Pakistan’s business community at both national and international levels.