Video surveillance solution to monitoring without human intervention: FBR

Video surveillance solution to monitoring without human intervention: FBR

KARACHI: Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq, Member Inland Revneue (Operations), Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Saturday said video surveillance is solution for monitoring of production without human intervention.

He was addressing the members of Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI). He said that although the chamber had criticized the implementation of video surveillance. But there is no other solution for monitoring, he added.

He said that industries had shown intention for video analytics. He said that the sugar industry had serious production issues. He further said that the world had adopted technology. The FBR is also adopting advanced technology and the industry should accept it, he added.

The Member said that FBR was the only implementing agency and the laws were made in the Parliament.

Dr. Ashfaq said that the FBR had released refunds to the tune of Rs250 billion during the past six months.

He said that the country needs better public finance. Therefore, the FBR was focusing on increasing the tax net. The broadening of the tax base would also reduce burden on the existing taxpayers, he added.

On the occasion, Siraj Kassem Teli, Chairman, Businessmen Group (BMG) said that an amount of around Rs1830 billion was stuck up in litigation. He suggested that these cases should be resolved on priority basis.

He said that many cases were framed against taxpayers only to meet tax collection targets.

He offered business community support in broadening the tax base.

KCCI President Shariq Vohra said that the FBR should focus on revenue collection instead harassing the taxpayers.

He said that the FBR was taking help from SROs to generate additional revenue. The notifications and SROs are creating difficulties for the business community as well as for tax machinery.

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