Voting for IRS Officers Association Election on May 26-27

Voting for IRS Officers Association Election on May 26-27

The Inland Revenue Service (IRS) Officers Association is gearing up for its highly anticipated election, scheduled for Sunday, May 26, and Monday, May 27.

This election will determine the leadership for the 2024-26 session, with candidates beginning to declare their intentions amid a flurry of activity and anticipation.

Officers of the Inland Revenue Service, posted in the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and various other federal and provincial departments, are eligible to participate in this critical election. To ensure a smooth and fair process, Dr. Ishtiaq Hussain Khan, Chief Commissioner of the Large Taxpayers Office (LTO) in Islamabad, has been appointed as the Chief Election Commissioner. Assisting him is Talat Fida Hussain, Deputy Commissioner of the LTO Islamabad, who has been designated as the focal person.

The election schedule has been meticulously planned. The deadline for submitting nomination papers was May 17. Following this, the scrutiny of these papers is set to continue on May 18 and 19, culminating in the publication of the list of nominated candidates on May 20. Any objections to the nominated candidates must be submitted by May 21. Subsequently, the final list of candidates, along with the voters’ list, will be published on May 22. This voters’ list will remain open for objections until May 23, with the final version to be published on May 24.

The election has ignited considerable enthusiasm among IRS officers, reflecting their vested interest in the leadership and future direction of their association. Notably, the IRS Comrades, a prominent group within the association, have announced their slate of candidates.

Syed Mahmood Hussain Jafri, the Chief Commissioner of the Large Taxpayers Office in Lahore, is running for the presidency. Joining him is Saadia Sadaf Gilani, Member Admin of the FBR Islamabad, who is vying for the position of Executive Vice President. Naib Ali Pathan, Commissioner of the Regional Tax Office in Hyderabad, is in the race for Senior Vice President. Dr. Tanveer Hussain Bhatti, Additional Director of Intelligence and Investigation in Lahore/Faisalabad, is a candidate for Secretary General. Ghulam Mustafa Dogar, Additional Commissioner Headquarters of the Punjab Revenue Authority in Lahore, is running for Joint Secretary. Amir Yasin, Deputy Director of Intelligence and Investigation in Lahore, seeks the role of Treasurer, while Sohail Anjum, Deputy Commissioner of the Regional Tax Office in Gujranwala, is the candidate for Press Secretary.

According to FBR officers and staff, these candidates have demonstrated exceptional performance in achieving tax targets and are celebrated for their competence and integrity. There is a strong hope among the officers that this panel will succeed, enhancing the welfare of the officers and contributing to the nation’s service.

As the voting days approach, the IRS community eagerly anticipates the outcome, confident that the elected leadership will further strengthen their efforts and commitment to their duties.