Webinar Recommends Proactive Policies to Encourage Energy Conservation

Webinar Recommends Proactive Policies to Encourage Energy Conservation

Karachi, October 16, 2023 – A recent webinar on “Energy Conservation” emphasized the need for proactive policies to promote energy efficiency while ensuring affordability for consumers.

The discussion was part of a series of webinars organized by Nutshell Communications on the Future of Energy (FoE), with K-Electric as the driving force.

Key recommendations and insights from the webinar include:

Proactive Policy Formulation: The government should develop national policies that encourage both energy efficiency and affordability for consumers. This balanced approach is crucial to address energy challenges.

Challenges in the Power Sector: The webinar highlighted the challenges faced by the power sector and explored potential solutions.

Standardization of Consumer-End Products: The need for standardizing consumer-end products and ensuring compliance with Minimum Efficiency Performance Standards (MEPS) was stressed to enhance energy efficiency.

Cost-Effective Energy Efficiency: Experts emphasized that energy-efficient products must not only promote conservation but also be cost-effective. This is particularly important for individuals with limited income.

Awareness and Initiatives: Raising awareness about energy conservation was considered vital. K-Electric’s “Roshni Bajis” initiative was cited as an example of a program that positively impacted electricity consumption and recovery patterns. Additionally, K-Electric’s investment plan in renewable energy was highlighted.

Indigenization and Creative Solutions: Participants discussed the need for indigenization and creative solutions in the energy sector. They called for national legislation to facilitate innovation and the development of an innovative tariff structure to improve efficiency.

Data-Driven Efficiency: Data-driven efficiency was emphasized, with a focus on monitoring devices that can provide real-time data to enhance energy efficiency.

Despite the challenges facing Pakistan’s energy sector, the webinar focused on the opportunities available in energy efficiency and the potential for harnessing carbon credits. All experts agreed that indigenization of fuels and fostering a culture of energy efficiency can play a significant role in addressing the country’s energy crisis.

These recommendations highlight the importance of comprehensive policies, awareness initiatives, and innovative solutions to promote energy conservation and efficiency in Pakistan.

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