World Bank surveys customs clearance in Pakistan

World Bank surveys customs clearance in Pakistan

KARACHI: World Bank Group is conducting a survey regarding traders’ and customs agents’ views about the customs clearance process in Pakistan.

Karachi Customs Agents Association (KCAA) is facilitating the World Bank in this survey, said a circular issued by the association.

This survey will be used to understand the relations between companies and Pakistan customs and will be one of the tools used to ultimately improve the business climate and facilitation of trade in Pakistan.

The KCAA said that it would contact its members for the survey in order to take feedback on Pakistan’s trade network.

The association said that the feedback would be important for enabling further improvement in the trade and customs experience in the country.

The KCAA further said that in order to ensure anonymity and confidentiality, the World Bank had commissioned Gallup Pakistan, an independent market research organization, to carry out the study.

“Gallup will be contacting you (members) in the next few weeks to arrange an in-person interview,” it said.

“As per undertaking submitted by the World Bank Group all the information provided will be kept confidential and will only be used in aggregate form,” the KCAA assured the members.