Xiaomi Unveils “Human x Car x Home” Smart Ecosystem

Xiaomi Unveils “Human x Car x Home” Smart Ecosystem

Xiaomi, the global technology giant, showcased its groundbreaking “Human x Car x Home” smart ecosystem at Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona 2024.

The event marked the international debut of Xiaomi SU7, a pivotal component of the ecosystem, offering a glimpse into Xiaomi’s vision for an intelligent future where user needs are seamlessly met within a unified system.

Daniel Desjarlais, Director of Communications at Xiaomi International, emphasized the company’s commitment to humanity-centered technology. “Human x Car x Home” represents Xiaomi’s dedication to providing connected experiences by integrating people, cars, and homes. Desjarlais invited MWC attendees to witness firsthand how Xiaomi is transforming futuristic concepts into realities and changing the way people connect.

The event also featured the Xiaomi 14 Series, Xiaomi Pad 6S Pro 12.4, and an array of advanced AIoT devices, showcasing Xiaomi’s commitment to enhancing the smart living experience. The Xiaomi Imagery Technology area offered a close look at the integration of Leica’s cutting-edge lens technology into Xiaomi smartphones, while CyberDog 2 demonstrated Xiaomi’s diverse portfolio.

Xiaomi’s transition from “Smartphone x AIoT” to the “Human x Car x Home” smart ecosystem seamlessly merges personal devices, smart home products, and cars. The ecosystem facilitates real-time coordination, hardware connectivity, and collaborations with industry partners, demonstrating Xiaomi’s dedication to comprehensive interconnectivity.

Xiaomi HyperOS, the foundation of the ecosystem, integrates over 200 product categories, covering more than 95% of user scenarios. Engaging with global partners and developers, Xiaomi HyperOS aims to unlock an expansive range of possibilities.

The highly anticipated Xiaomi SU7, positioned as a “full-size high-performance eco-technology sedan,” showcases Xiaomi’s prowess in performance, ecosystem integration, and the mobile smart space. With a monumental investment in R&D and a global team of experts, Xiaomi has produced an outstanding vehicle with five core EV technologies.

Xiaomi’s partnership with Leica in mobile imaging is showcased in the Xiaomi Imagery Technology area. The Xiaomi 12S Ultra, the first smartphone jointly developed by the two companies, features Leica Summilux optical lenses and sets new standards for photography capabilities.

At MWC, Xiaomi also unveiled CyberDog 2, a bio-inspired quadruped robot, showcasing Xiaomi’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of robotics. The open-source nature of its technology allows customization and programming, providing limitless creative possibilities for developers.

Xiaomi’s commitment to manufacturing excellence is highlighted by its smart factory in Beijing’s Changping District. Operational efficiency, precision, and agility are core tenets as Xiaomi continues to redefine manufacturing in the technological landscape.

In addition to technological innovations, Xiaomi is focused on environmental sustainability. The company aims to reach carbon neutrality by 2040, and its climate action white paper released during COP28 demonstrates transparency in its environmental efforts. Xiaomi actively engages in sustainability initiatives, advocating for renewable energy adoption and implementing electronic waste recycling programs.

Xiaomi’s multifaceted approach to technology, manufacturing, and sustainability exemplifies its dedication to reshaping the tech industry and fostering a sustainable future. The “Human x Car x Home” smart ecosystem is a testament to Xiaomi’s commitment to innovation that places humanity at its core.