Zero Percent Mark-Up Installment Plan for GD 110S by Pak Suzuki

Zero Percent Mark-Up Installment Plan for GD 110S by Pak Suzuki

Pak Suzuki has rolled out a convenient zero percent mark-up installment plan tailored for motorcycle enthusiasts in Pakistan, applicable to all Suzuki motorcycles. Below is the breakdown of the installment plan specifically designed for the Suzuki GD 110S:

Pricing and Installment Options:

Current Price: PKR 352,000

Option 1: 0 Percent MARK-UP – 25 Percent Advance Payment – 24 EMI

Down Payment: PKR 88,000 (25 percent)

Monthly Installment (Months 1-23): PKR 11,000

24th Month Installment: PKR 11,000

Option 2: 0 Percent MARK-UP – 50 Percent Advance Payment – 18 EMI

Down Payment: PKR 176,000 (50 percent)

Monthly Installment (Months 1-17): PKR 9,800

18th Month Installment: PKR 9,400

Suzuki GD 110S Specifications:


Choose from a range of vibrant exterior colors including red, black, blue, and grey, allowing riders to personalize their style.


The GD 110S boasts a robust and efficient engine featuring a 4-stroke, air-cooled, Single Overhead Camshaft (SOHC) configuration. The 113cc engine, with a compression ratio of 9.5:1, optimizes combustion for enhanced performance. Enjoy the convenience of electric and kick-start systems supported by Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI) technology for reliable ignition timing.


The 4-speed constant mesh transmission ensures smooth and precise gear shifting, providing a seamless riding experience across different speeds and terrains.

Fuel Tank:

With a 9.0-liter fuel tank, the GD 110S allows riders to cover longer distances without the hassle of frequent refueling.

Design and Dimensions:

Compact and agile, the GD 110S combines maneuverability with comfort. Dimensions of 1,900mm (length), 750mm (width), and 1,050mm (height) strike the perfect balance. The 1,215mm wheelbase enhances stability, and the 140mm ground clearance ensures confident navigation on uneven terrains.

Weighing just 108kg, the GD 110S is lightweight, facilitating easy handling in various riding conditions. Stylish alloy wheels contribute to both aesthetics and performance.

Exterior Design:

The GD 110S showcases a sleek and modern exterior design, blending clean lines, smooth curves, and well-proportioned body panels. The compact headlight, elegant front fender, and thoughtfully sculpted side panels contribute to the sporty and dynamic look. Rider comfort is prioritized with a well-padded and contoured seat, while the stylish tail light assembly enhances visibility for other motorists.

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