Zong 4G and LESCO Partner to Enhance Communication

Zong 4G and LESCO Partner to Enhance Communication

Zong 4G, Pakistan’s leading telecom operator, has entered into a strategic partnership with the Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) to enhance and modernize business communication services for the utility provider.

This collaboration aims to address LESCO’s extensive telecommunications needs with Zong’s advanced technology and business solutions.

The partnership was officially established during a signing ceremony held at LESCO headquarters, attended by key representatives from both organizations. Mr. Farhan Zakir, Zong 4G’s Regional Director of Corporate Sales, led the event, marking a significant milestone for Zong’s corporate clientele.

Through this collaboration, Zong 4G is set to provide a suite of essential telecom services to LESCO. These services include GSM, Mobile Broadband (MBB), inter-office connectivity, and smart meter connectivity. This initiative follows LESCO’s tender for telecom requirements, where Zong 4G emerged as the successful bidder, thereby securing the contract and fortifying this strategic alliance.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the partnership, the Director of Government & Corporate Sales at Zong 4G stated, “This collaboration marks an important milestone for Zong 4G, underscoring our commitment to enhancing business communication services with innovative technology and reliable support.

By joining forces with LESCO, we aim to deliver unparalleled telecom solutions that will drive operational efficiency and contribute to the digital transformation of the energy sector in Pakistan.”

The partnership is expected to leverage Zong 4G’s cutting-edge technology to improve communication and operational efficiency within LESCO. By integrating advanced telecom solutions, Zong 4G aims to support LESCO’s mission to provide reliable and efficient electric supply to its consumers.

This collaboration is seen as a step forward in the digital transformation of Pakistan’s energy sector. With Zong 4G’s comprehensive business solutions, LESCO is poised to enhance its operational capabilities, thereby improving service delivery to its vast customer base.

As Pakistan continues to embrace digital transformation across various sectors, partnerships like this between Zong 4G and LESCO highlight the crucial role of telecommunications in driving innovation and efficiency. This strategic alliance is anticipated to set a precedent for future collaborations aimed at advancing the technological landscape of the country.

The partnership between Zong 4G and LESCO exemplifies a commitment to leveraging modern technology for enhanced business communications, ultimately contributing to the broader goal of digital innovation in Pakistan’s energy sector.