Zong CEO and Telecom Minister Discuss Pakistan’s Digital Future

Zong CEO and Telecom Minister Discuss Pakistan’s Digital Future

Islamabad, May 10, 2024 – Zong 4G’s CEO, Huo Junli, held discussions with Ms. Shaza Fatima Khawaja, the Minister of State for IT and Telecommunication, focusing on pivotal topics such as digitalization, enhanced connectivity, spectrum auction processes, and the anticipated rollout of 5G technologies.

The meeting, also attended by CMPAK’s Chief Regulatory Officer, Mr. Kamran Ali, marked a collaborative effort to address and streamline various challenges and opportunities within the telecom sector in Pakistan.

During the discussions, Minister Shaza Fatima emphasized the government’s commitment to promoting information and communication technology (ICT) as a fundamental component of national development. She underscored the importance of improving connectivity services across the country and addressed the need to resolve persistent issues that hinder sector growth.

“The promotion of ICT and the establishment of a comprehensive digital ecosystem are top priorities for the government,” stated Minister Fatima. “We are dedicated to overcoming obstacles that impede progress and to enhancing the infrastructure that supports technological advancement and connectivity.”

CEO Huo Junli shared insights on the importance of a strong partnership between the government and the telecom industry. He outlined Zong’s commitment to supporting Pakistan’s digital transformation and highlighted the critical role of technology in bridging the digital divide. “Through collaborative efforts with the government, we aim to develop a robust digital ecosystem that ensures the provision of advanced, seamless connectivity solutions across Pakistan,” Huo expressed.

A major topic of discussion was the upcoming spectrum auction and the rollout of 5G technology, which are seen as crucial steps toward achieving superior network capabilities and boosting the country’s competitiveness in the global digital economy. Both parties agreed that accelerating the deployment of 5G would catalyze innovations in various sectors including education, healthcare, and industrial automation.

The meeting concluded with a mutual agreement on the importance of continued dialogue and cooperation between the public and private sectors to drive the national agenda on digitalization. The collaboration is expected to enhance the quality of life for citizens through increased access to digital services, thereby contributing to sustained socio-economic development.

As Pakistan stands on the cusp of a digital revolution, the outcomes of such high-level meetings will be instrumental in defining the trajectory of its technological progress and in realizing the vision of a fully connected, digitally empowered nation.