Zong Pakistan Transforms Roaming with Affordable China Bundles

Zong Pakistan Transforms Roaming with Affordable China Bundles

Islamabad, February 7, 2024 – In a bid to enhance the travel experience for its users, Zong 4G Pakistan, the country’s leading telecom operator, has announced exclusive roaming bundles for travel to China at highly affordable rates.

The move is aimed at providing seamless connectivity and ensuring users can stay connected with their loved ones during the Chinese New Year festivities.

Zong 4G has introduced a diverse range of customized data bundles, specifically tailored to meet the data needs of travelers, thus eliminating the hassle of switching networks for international trips. Committed to inclusivity, Zong 4G aims to make travel more affordable for contemporary travelers. The telecom giant currently offers specially curated international roaming bundles for various global destinations.

For those heading to China, Zong 4G’s International Roaming (IR) bundles offer ample resources to fulfill data requirements, promising uninterrupted connectivity throughout the Chinese New Year celebrations. The exclusive prepaid bundles enhance the customer experience by offering a range of options, starting from 30 minutes of talk time, SMS, and 1 GB data, up to 90 minutes, SMS, and 5 GB data.

Notably, Zong 4G is also providing standalone data offers, including 1 GB, 3 GB, and 5 GB, with prices starting as low as just Rs. 950. This strategic move by Zong 4G ensures that users have a variety of choices to suit their specific needs, making international travel more convenient and cost-effective.

The official spokesperson for Zong 4G expressed the company’s commitment to meeting user needs, stating, “Zong 4G is working every day to ensure that we can fulfill the needs of our users. We are proud to offer our customers the opportunity to stay connected while roaming during this Chinese New Year at minimum charges.”

Zong 4G stands out as the sole telecommunication operator in Pakistan providing a diverse range of meticulously crafted international roaming bundles. These packages are designed to ensure that trips to China become the most memorable yet, with affordable rates and unparalleled connectivity.

Being a 100% owned subsidiary of China Mobile Communications Corporation, Zong 4G, also known as China Mobile Pakistan (CMPak), boasts the largest 4G subscriber base in Pakistan, the widest 4G coverage nationwide, and a focus on 4G market, network, and service leadership. With over 32 million 4G subscribers and more than 14,000 4G-enabled sites nationwide, Zong 4G continues to lead the 4G industry in Pakistan.

As international travel becomes more accessible, Zong 4G’s commitment to providing affordable and reliable connectivity during trips to China positions it as a frontrunner in the telecom industry, ensuring that users can stay connected without breaking the bank.