15% surcharge imposed for clearance of banned items

15% surcharge imposed for clearance of banned items

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has imposed surcharge up to 15 per cent for clearance of consignments stuck up at ports and were banned for saving foreign exchange.

The ministry of commerce issued an office memorandum dated July 22, 2022 pursuance to the federal cabinet decision to release the consignments of prohibited items.

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The government through SRO 598(I)/2022 dated May 19, 2022 imposed a complete ban on the import of luxury and non-essential items.

However, a large number of containers were stuck up at ports that were arrived after the imposition of ban.

The Federal Cabinet on July 15, 2022 allowed the release of all those consignments/shipment which had been imported in violation of SRO 598(I)/2022 dated May 19, 2022 and were pending customs clearance.

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However, this clearance was subject to condition that consignments had landed at any port including sea, air or dry port of the country on or before June 30, 2022 subject to payment of surcharge to be imposed on the cost and freight value of goods.

According to the ministry of commerce, five per cent surcharge has been imposed on the shipment which had arrived within two weeks of issuance of the SRO 598(I)/2022.

Further, 15 per cent surcharge has been imposed on shipment which had arrived after two weeks of issuance of SRO 598(I)/2022 till June 30, 2022.

Due to the ban about one thousand containers piled up and resulted in choking the ports. The stakeholders requested the government to allow the release of those consignments as many of the consignments were shipped before May 19, 2022 but lander after the date.

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Previously, the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the Cabinet in its meeting held on Tuesday July 5, 2022 allowed one-time release of those consignments carrying banned items and reached on or before June 30, 2022.

Ministry of Commerce submitted a summary to seek permission for one time release of those consignments of items banned on May 19, 2022 which have reached Pakistan or would reach or their payments.

In order to resolve the hardship cases, the ECC granted one-time special permission for release of consignments stuck at the ports due to contravention framed under SRO 598(I)/2022 dated May 19, 2022, only for those consignments which have landed at ports or airports in Pakistan on or before June 30, 2022.

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