Android 15 Beta 3 Released, New Features Unveiled

Android 15 Beta 3 Released, New Features Unveiled

Google has officially moved Android 15 into its platform stability stage with the release of Beta 3, signaling that the APIs are now finalized.

This milestone allows developers to freely test their apps on the new system, ensuring compatibility and optimization ahead of the final release scheduled for this fall. As part of the final phase before the official launch, Google has announced that one more beta version will be released next month.

Beta 3 introduces a range of new features aimed at enhancing user experience and streamlining interactions. One of the most notable additions is the updated Credential Provider, which now includes a single-tap passkey UI. This feature supports facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, or screen lock, allowing users to sign in with a single tap instead of the previously required two-step process. This advancement not only simplifies the login experience but also enhances security by integrating biometric authentication methods.

Additionally, Google has addressed potential issues with passkey prompts. If users accidentally dismiss their passkey prompt, new fallback UI options will come into play. These options include passkey suggestions in the autofill UI on supported keyboards and dropdown menus, ensuring that users can easily retrieve their passkey and continue their tasks without interruption.

The move to platform stability is a critical step in the development of Android 15, providing a stable environment for developers to finalize their apps and take advantage of the new features. With the APIs locked in, developers can now focus on testing and refining their applications, ensuring they are ready for the wider rollout later this year.

The upcoming Beta 4 release will serve as the final preview before the official launch, giving developers one last opportunity to test their apps and make necessary adjustments. As Android 15 approaches its final release, users can look forward to a more streamlined, secure, and intuitive mobile experience.

In summary, the release of Beta 3 marks a significant milestone for Android 15, bringing a host of new features and improvements. Developers now have the tools they need to ensure their apps are ready for the next generation of Android, while users can anticipate a smoother and more secure mobile experience this fall.