Apple Intelligence: Paid Tier May Soon Arrive

Apple Intelligence: Paid Tier May Soon Arrive

Apple is set to heavily emphasize its new suite of AI features, dubbed Apple Intelligence. Unveiled last month alongside iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia, Apple Intelligence promises to be a significant addition to Apple’s ecosystem.

While these operating systems are scheduled for a full launch this fall, Apple Intelligence will initially be available in beta and free to use for those with compatible devices such as the iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, and likely the upcoming iPhone 16 series. On the Mac and iPad front, devices equipped with Apple’s M-series chips will support this new AI suite.

However, Apple Intelligence may not remain free indefinitely. According to a new report, the company plans to introduce a tiered structure for Apple Intelligence in the near future. The service will be split into two tiers: a free version with limited features and a premium version, potentially named Apple Intelligence+, which will require a subscription for full access.

This subscription model would align with Apple’s existing strategy for its “+” services and is seen as a way to counter the trend of consumers delaying device upgrades. By shifting the focus from hardware sales to service revenue, Apple aims to maintain its profitability in a changing market landscape. Apple Intelligence is expected to play a crucial role in this strategy.

In addition to generating subscription revenue directly, Apple plans to take a cut from every AI partner integrated into its devices. This approach mirrors Apple’s current practice of earning a commission from subscriptions made through the App Store, with the exception of certain regions like the EU where regulations differ.

The potential introduction of Apple Intelligence+ highlights how Apple envisions its future income streams. For consumers already burdened by numerous monthly subscriptions, this development suggests that managing digital expenses might become even more challenging.

This report sheds light on Apple’s evolving business model and its ongoing efforts to innovate within the tech industry. As the company continues to expand its suite of services, users can expect more integrated and sophisticated AI capabilities across their Apple devices.