Aston Martin Unveils Valiant, Exclusive Track Focused Edition

Aston Martin Unveils Valiant, Exclusive Track Focused Edition

Aston Martin has unveiled Valiant, an ultra-exclusive, track-focused, road-legal special edition noted for its rarity, presence, and power.

Produced by Aston Martin’s bespoke division, Q by Aston Martin, Valiant features a 745PS Twin Turbo 5.2-liter V12 engine paired with a six-speed manual transmission, embodying Aston Martin’s dedication to crafting pure driver’s cars. Only 38 units will be produced globally, all of which are already allocated.

Valiant originated as a personal commission from Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team driver Fernando Alonso, who desired a lightweight, race car-inspired version of the Aston Martin Valour.

Drawing inspiration from Alonso’s extensive Formula 1 career and passion for high-performance driving, Valiant represents a meticulously crafted limited edition by Q by Aston Martin.

This model not only pays homage to Aston Martin’s iconic heritage but also sets a benchmark in modern performance, offering exceptional power, dynamic handling, and cutting-edge technology.

Valiant continues Aston Martin’s legacy of delivering exhilarating driving experiences both on-road and on-track, following in the footsteps of iconic models like the Valkyrie hypercar, the Vantage sports car, and the upcoming Valhalla mid-engine supercar.

With its unique design elements and advanced engineering, Valiant promises unmatched performance and an intense driving experience tailored for automotive enthusiasts.

Designed to excel on both track and road, Valiant features advanced engineering highlights aimed at reducing weight and enhancing chassis performance. Innovative features include a 3D-printed rear subframe, magnesium torque tube, and lightweight magnesium wheels with high-performance tires.

The car also boasts Multimatic Adaptive Spool Valve (ASV) dampers, offering precise suspension control for superior handling dynamics.

Valiant’s aerodynamic design features lightweight carbon fiber components, including a deep front splitter, side fenders, and rear diffuser, all aimed at enhancing stability and reducing drag.

The interior reflects Aston Martin’s craftsmanship with a focus on lightweight materials and ergonomic design, offering a race-inspired cockpit equipped with Recaro Podium seats and bespoke detailing.

Scheduled for initial deliveries in Q4 2024, Valiant will debut at the 2024 Goodwood Festival of Speed, where it will showcase its capabilities on the Hill Climb course, driven by Fernando Alonso himself.