Budget 2019/2020: Salient features of customs duty

Budget 2019/2020: Salient features of customs duty

ISLAMABAD: The government has announced changes in customs duty regime which included relief and revenue measures.


1. To standardize printing and preservation of Holy Quran, import of good quality duty free Art paper is being allowed.

2. Exemption of CD on 18 medicinal inputs/items

3. Exemption of CD on Modular/ Particle Free Operation Theatre

4. Exemption of CD on Medicines for certain rare diseases

5. Incentive to promote tourism by reducing duty on pre-fabricated structures for hotels


1. Exemption of CD on more than 1650 raw materials/industrial inputs

2. Reduction of CD on Writing & Printing Papers

3. Exemption of CD on Raw- materials of Paper Industry

4. Exemption of CD on import of Wood

5. Reduction of CD on Glass Board for LED Panel manufacturing

6. Reduction of CD on input goods for paper based Liquid Food Packaging Industry

7. Reduction of CD on Acetic Acid

8. Reduction of CD on Nonwoven fabrics

9. Exemption of CD on Machinery Parts / Accessories for Textile Sector

10. Exemption of CD on Elastomeric Yarn

11. Rationalization of CD on Aluminium Beverage Cans & Inputs thereof

12. Exemption of CD on raw material for hemodialyzers used by kidney patients

13. Tariff rationalization on Home Appliance Sector

14. Reduction of CD on Base Oil as input for Coning Oil, White Oil and other Textile Oils

15. Reduction of CD on Raw Material for Manufacturing of Pre-Sensitized Printing Plates

16. Exemption of CD on Preparations for Metal Surfaces as input for Solar Panels

17. Exemption of CD on Foundation Cloth

18. Reduction of Duty on Wooden Sheets for Veneering

19. Reduction of CD on Oxalic Acid

20. Reduction of CD on Raw Material of Powder Coating Industry

21. Reduction of CD on Raw Material for Paper Sizing Agents

22. Reduction of CD on Bobbins & Spools of Paperboard

23. Exemption of CD for Hydrocracker Industry for oil refining

24. Rationalization of tariff structure for SIM card manufacturing industry


1. Reduction of RD on Mobile Phones

2. Reduction of RD on smuggling prone items and other industrial inputs

3. Reduction of RD on Tyres


1. Increase in rate of Additional Customs Duty for non-essential items

2. Withdrawal of exemption on import of LNG