DFML to Produce Honri-VE EV in Pakistan by August 2024

DFML to Produce Honri-VE EV in Pakistan by August 2024

Dewan Farooque Motors Limited (DFML) is set to start production of the Honri-VE electric vehicle (EV) in Pakistan, with manufacturing slated to begin in August 2024. The Honri-VE, available in 200KM and 300KM range variants, marks a significant milestone for DFML in the electric vehicle market.

The announcement, recently disclosed to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), generating considerable buzz within the automotive industry. DFML disclosed that they have entered a toll manufacturing agreement with ECO-Green Motors Limited (EGML) to produce EGML’s Honri-VE, positioning DFML as a leading electric vehicle manufacturer in Pakistan.

The company stated that “Dewan Farooque Motors Limited (DFML) has entered into a toll manufacturing agreement with ECO-Green Motors Limited (EGML) for manufacturing of EGML’s Honri-VE (200KM and 300KM range), thereby becoming the leading manufacturer of electric vehicles in Pakistan. The production thereof is expected to commence in the month of August 2024.”

This collaboration represents a convergence of expertise, with EGML contributing its cutting-edge electric vehicle technology and DFML leveraging its manufacturing prowess. By harnessing the collective strengths of both entities, the Honri-VE promises to deliver exceptional performance, reliability, and efficiency to Pakistani consumers.

Beyond its environmental benefits, the Honri-VE holds immense potential to reshape Pakistan’s automotive landscape and drive innovation across the sector. As consumers increasingly prioritize sustainability and fuel efficiency, electric vehicles are poised to become the transportation mode of choice in the years to come.

In addition to this venture, DFML recently revealed plans to reintroduce the KIA Shehzore commercial vehicle to the Pakistani market on June 4, 2024. This highly anticipated launch will be celebrated with a roll-out ceremony on the same date, signaling DFML’s return to commercial production of the KIA Shehzore.

The decision to resume production of the KIA Shehzore highlights DFML’s dedication to providing high-quality vehicles and exceptional after-sales service throughout Pakistan. The company’s extensive nationwide dealership network is set to support this initiative, ensuring robust service and customer satisfaction.

The KIA Shehzore, tailored for commercial use, promises reliability, efficiency, and strong performance, making it an attractive option for businesses and fleet operators in need of versatile transportation solutions.

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