KIA Sportage Limited Edition Gets New Look, Emblem Upgrade

KIA Sportage Limited Edition Gets New Look, Emblem Upgrade

KIA Pakistan has introduced an updated exterior for the KIA Sportage Limited Edition, featuring a distinctive new emblem and several enhancements. In a recent social media announcement, the company showcased the refreshed appearance, emphasizing the bold new design.

Exterior Transformation:

While staying true to its iconic features such as fog lights, halogen lights, projection lamps, DRLs, and LED indicators, the Sportage Limited Edition has undergone a stunning exterior transformation. A sleek black trim now accents the bumper, injecting a contemporary flair into its design language.

The Kia badging has received a sophisticated black makeover, while a captivating black chrome detailing embellishes the modified front grille. These changes are complemented by a glossy black finish on the front spoiler, elevating the vehicle’s overall visual appeal and creating a sense of refined elegance.

The limited edition variant showcases 19-inch black alloy wheels paired with KUMHO tires sized at 245/45/R19, exuding a commanding and assertive presence on the road. Additionally, the window garnish and door guards have been upgraded to gloss black, adding a touch of sophistication and enhancing the SUV’s overall aesthetic allure.

Interior Revamp:

Internally, the Kia Sportage Limited Edition undergoes a remarkable revamp, transitioning from a beige-dominated interior to a sleek gloss black theme. This cohesive dark ambiance extends seamlessly to the upholstery and leather padding on door panels, providing occupants with a luxurious and contemporary environment.

While the roof liner and panoramic roof retain their original design, the interior overhaul complements the exterior upgrades, delivering a harmonious and premium driving experience for passengers.

The Kia Sportage Limited Edition’s striking new appearance and emblem upgrade redefine automotive elegance and sophistication in Pakistan.

With its blend of modern design elements, premium materials, and advanced features, this exclusive model sets a new standard for style and refinement on the road, capturing the imagination of automotive enthusiasts everywhere.