Dispensation of swift justice priority of Supreme Court of Pakistan

Dispensation of swift justice priority of Supreme Court of Pakistan

Pakistan needs a speedy justice system in order to win the confidence of people and take quantum leap to reduce the pendency of cases. The Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) has taken various measures to improve the justice system in the country and encourage all the lower and higher courts to enhance efficiency in their workings.

In order to recognize the efficiency, the SCP distributed awards among model court judges in 2019. Shabana Waheed, Additional District Judge (ADJ) Karachi Central was among the judges, who received the model court award.

ADJ Shabana Waheed is taking lead in providing speedy justice without hurting the actual essence of the justice system. She is known to resolve disputes in shorter span of time even convincing parties to resolve with the mutual consent to settle out of court.

In a recent case, ADJ Shabana Waheed helped the parties to mutually resolve the dispute of an immovable property. It was case of real brother and a sister. The sister was claiming that the immovable property was in the name of her mother and the distribution of shares should be within heirs of the mother. On the other hand the brother claimed it was benami property as their mother was a housewife; therefore, the owner of the property would be he himself or his father (late), as the property was purchased after the death of the father.

During course of discussion, the sister disclosed that her father had purchased another immovable property during his lifetime and the instant disputed property was purchased from the funds received through sale of the previous property that was also sold after the death of the father. The disclosure of the sister cleared the things.

The brother offered to surrender his benami right if his sister agreed to distribute share amongst all heirs of their father, including step sisters and brothers. The sister also showed positive gesture and agreed to the proposal.

The role of the ADJ is that, though it was not official court proceeding, she resolved the issue while convincing both the sister and the brother to abide the Sharia Law and protect the rights. She also referred many verses of the Holy Quran to shed light on the importance of rights.

This quick resolution not only bring closer both brother and sister, who were contesting this case for the past many years, but it also resulted harmony in the society just because of ADJ Shabana Waheed.

Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Justice Umar Ata Bandial at the opening ceremony of New Judicial Year 2022-2023 said that dispensation of swift and economic justice being a priority, the Federal Judicial Academy and the Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan (LJCP), under the guidance of this Court, are resorting to alternative dispute resolution (ADR), which in time shall reduce the pendency of cases in all tiers of courts by around 40 percent, in the next three years.

The Opening ceremony of New Judicial Year 2022-2023 was held today on 12th September 2022 in Court Room No.1 of Supreme Court of Pakistan, Islamabad. The ceremony was presided over by the Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Justice Umar Ata Bandial and was attended by the Hon’ble Judges, law officers and members of the legal fraternity.

The ceremony was held on the eve of the start of the New Judicial Year, to take stock of performance of the past year and to formulate future policies accordingly not only for advancement of justice but also for protection of the fundamental rights of the people.

The Hon’ble Chief Justice graced the occasion with the key note address. His lordship informed that during the period from 2nd Feb, 2022 till 9th Sep, 2022 the court has decided 14,943 cases, minimizing the pending cases from 54,134 to 50, 265, accordingly.

The Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan concluded with a solemn pledge regarding the court’s commitment to defend the Constitution in its entirety.