Dr. Najeebullah posted as Commissioner IR AEOI Zone

Dr. Najeebullah posted as Commissioner IR AEOI Zone

Dr. Najeebullah, a seasoned BS-20 officer of the Inland Revenue Service (IRS), has been appointed as the Commissioner of the Automatic Exchange of Information Zone (AEOI) in Karachi.

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) issued a notification on Friday regarding the transfers and postings, marking Dr. Najeebullah’s transition from the position of Chief (IR Policy) at FBR HQ, Islamabad.

Dr. Najeebullah brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his new role as Commissioner of the AEOI Zone, which plays a crucial role in facilitating the exchange of financial information between countries to combat tax evasion and promote transparency in financial transactions.

The FBR’s decision to appoint Dr. Najeebullah underscores the significance of seasoned professionals leading key areas within the revenue service. His transfer aligns with the FBR’s commitment to optimizing its human resources and ensuring effective leadership in critical zones.

Simultaneously, Shakeel Ahmed Kasana, another distinguished BS-20 officer of the IRS, has undergone a change in his posting. Previously serving as Commissioner (AEOI Zone) in Karachi, Kasana has been reassigned to the role of Commissioner of Inland Revenue (Enforcement-I) at the Large Taxpayers Office in Karachi.

The appointments and transfers within the FBR aim to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of tax administration, with a focus on strategic areas such as automatic exchange of information and enforcement. The changes also reflect the FBR’s commitment to leveraging the expertise of its officers to address emerging challenges in the realm of taxation.

The Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) is a global initiative that facilitates the automatic exchange of financial information between countries. It plays a vital role in combating tax evasion, money laundering, and other financial crimes by enabling tax authorities to access information about the financial accounts of taxpayers in other jurisdictions.

As Commissioner of AEOI Zone in Karachi, Dr. Najeebullah is expected to contribute to the FBR’s efforts in implementing and strengthening the AEOI framework. His background in tax policy, coupled with his experience at FBR HQ, positions him well to lead initiatives that align with global standards for financial transparency.

The FBR’s commitment to effective leadership and strategic appointments reflects its dedication to building a robust and responsive tax administration system. The ongoing efforts to streamline operations, enhance transparency, and leverage technology are crucial in achieving the broader objectives of revenue collection and economic stability. The FBR remains at the forefront of these initiatives, with officers like Dr. Najeebullah playing key roles in shaping the future of tax administration in Pakistan.