Excise Department Cracks Down on Illegal Car Modifications

Excise Department Cracks Down on Illegal Car Modifications

The Excise and Taxation (E&T) Department has ramped up its crackdown on illegal car modifications, specifically targeting vehicles with tinted windows and unauthorized number plates.

This intensified effort follows directives from Deputy Commissioner (DC) Islamabad, Irfan Nawaz Memon, aiming to ensure compliance with road safety regulations.

A spokesman for the Islamabad Capital Territory Administration confirmed on Tuesday that the crackdown has led to significant results.

Over 300 vehicles were inspected recently, resulting in the removal of approximately 150 tinted windows and 100 unauthorized number plates. Additionally, the authorities suspended the registrations of 10 vehicles and issued warnings to five others.

The crackdown, spearheaded by Assistant Commissioners, Assistant Excise & Taxation Officers (AETOs), and the Traffic Police, concentrated on key areas such as the Faizabad bus stand, Zero Point, 9th Avenue near IGP, and the Marriott Hotel checkpost. Vehicles found with illegal modifications had their registrations suspended until the issues were rectified.

Deputy Commissioner Memon urged citizens to comply with the regulations by removing tinted windows and using only approved number plates. This collaborative effort between the Excise and Taxation Department and the Islamabad Transport Authority is aimed at enhancing road safety and ensuring that all vehicles adhere to the law.

The DC emphasized the importance of using only approved number plates issued by the Excise and Taxation Department to avoid any punitive actions. He called on the residents of the federal capital to support this initiative by ensuring their vehicles are compliant with the regulations.

This crackdown is part of a broader strategy to enforce traffic laws and improve safety standards on Islamabad’s roads. The authorities remain committed to continuing these efforts and have warned that non-compliance will result in further penalties.

By adhering to these regulations, citizens contribute to a safer and more orderly driving environment in the capital. The Excise Department’s ongoing efforts reflect a dedicated approach to maintaining law and order on the roads, ensuring that all vehicle modifications meet the required standards.