FBR directs IR, Customs offices to ensure taxpayer friendly environment

FBR directs IR, Customs offices to ensure taxpayer friendly environment

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Thursday directed all offices of Inland Revenue and Pakistan Customs to ensure a clean and friendly environment in the offices across the country.

The FBR directed that all the offices of Inland Revenue and Pakistan Customs should maintain the highest level of cleanliness.

Sitting areas for visitors should be clean and well lit. Janitorial staff should be directed to maintain the cleanliness of offices and washrooms for officers, staff and visitors.

Parking space for officers should be clearly market and there should be reserved parking space for visiting taxpayers, tax practitioners, lawyers, chartered accountants and other visitors. The concerned officers should carry out periodic inspection of their respective premises and take necessary steps to ensure a clean working environment.

As FBR and its field formations receive a very large number of visitors on a daily basis, the concerned staff should extend necessary courtesy and respect to visiting taxpayers.

All sitting areas specified for visitors should have ample seating arrangements with availability of clean drinking water.

Keeping in view the overall security situation, each field office must chalk out a detailed security plan which must be strictly adhered.

The FBR further said that all security cameras should be made operational and video feed must be constantly monitored.

The FBR also directed the offices to contribute towards tree plantation campaign of the government by planting trees in their offices and residential colonies. The respective staff be directed to ensure maintenance and care of the green areas.

The FBR would conduct spot visit of field offices to verify compliance of the directions.

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