FBR forms committees to eliminate inequalities in taxation system

FBR forms committees to eliminate inequalities in taxation system

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Thursday formed committees for elimination of inequality in taxation system and speedy resolution of taxpayers’ complaints.

The FBR said that advisor to Prime Minister on Finance and Revenue had constituted two committees namely Technical Committee and Complaint Oversight Committee of FBR in order to identify and remove the technical and complaint issues.

The technical committee has been comprised of the following members:

01. Abid Shaban, Chairman

02. Khurram Mukhtar, Member

03. Ejaz A Khokhar, Member

04. Dr. Khurram Tariq, Member

05. Javed Bilwani, Member

06. Ali Jameel, Member

07. Zakria Usman, Member

08. Abdul Rashid Jan Muhammad, Member

09. Aman Ghanchi, Member

10. Members Customs Operations/Policy FBR, Member

11. Member IR Policy FBR, Member/Secretary

The terms of reference (TOR) of the technical committee are:

I. Identify distortions, anomalies and inequalities in the taxation system which cause difficulties for taxpayers, or which discourage investment, industrialization and documentation, and propose solutions.

II. Propose measures to reduce the dependence on withholding taxes, minimum tax, advance tax, etc.

III. Propose measures for simplification of all taxation procedures, in a manner which does not compromise revenue collection and documentation.

IV. Propose improvement in the temporary importation and manufacturing bond schemes in order to enhance their scope and facilitate direct and indirect exporters throughout the value chain.

V. Identify issues hindering smooth processing of refund claims through the FASTER system. Propose amendments in the procedures or thresholds relating to sales tax refund of various sub-sectors of exporters, and

VI. Propose remedies for issues relating to adjustment of input tax paid against services subjected to sales tax by the provinces.

The complaint oversight committee to oversee and monitor the complaint resolution mechanism of the FBR.

The committee will comprise of the following members:

01. Mussadaq Zulqarnain, Chairman

02. Saqib Sherazi, Member

03. Azam Farooq, Member

04. Kamran Arshad, Member

05. Imran Hussain, Member

06. Faisal Said, Member

07. Chief (Integrity and Performance Management Unit), FBR, Member/Secretar

TOR of the complaint oversight committee are:

i. To maintain complete, holistic oversight over the complaint resolution mechanism of FBR

ii. Review the entire life cycle of a given complaint, from lodging, its nature, action taken, resolution, post-resolution review, to further action required to be taken, if any.