FBR launches sales tax return filing through single portal

FBR launches sales tax return filing through single portal

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Monday said the sales tax return for the month of December 2021 will be filed through single portal.

The FBR in a memorandum said that sales tax return for the tax period of December 2021, which is scheduled to be filed in January 2022, will be filed through the Single Sales Tax Portal.

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In order to allow the registered persons to familiarize themselves with the new system, the uploading of sales tax invoice of December 2021 has been enabled, the FBR said. The old sales tax return will not be available for filing the return for December 2021, it added.

Therefore, all sales tax registered persons and their representatives have been advised to familiarize themselves with the single sales tax portal.

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The single portal for sales tax returns has been launched to facilitate taxpayers, promote ease of doing business and reduce compliance cost.

The FBR said that through this portal, sales tax registered persons shall be able to file a single sales tax return instead of having to file separate returns to the FBR and each of the different provincial sales tax authorities.

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By filing sales tax on the portal, it will save time and effort besides simplifying the return filing process, the FBR added.

The portal will minimize data entry and address the issue of data and calculation errors. It will also automatically apportion input tax adjustment as well as payments across the sales tax authorities, eliminating the need for reconciliation and payment transfers.

The single portal will encourage harmonization of tax procedures, definitions and principals between the federal and provincial governments, which will promote national unity, the FBR said.

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