Inland Revenue officers promoted to BS-20

Inland Revenue officers promoted to BS-20

In a significant move aimed at recognizing and rewarding the dedication and service of officers within the Inland Revenue Service (IRS), the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) issued Notification No. 2864-IR-I/2021 on Friday, announcing the promotion of several officers from BS-19 to BS-20.

The following IRS officers have been promoted to BS-20 on a regular basis with immediate effect:

1. Nadeem Bashir

2. Naeem Babar

3. Abdul Shakoor Shaikh

4. Muhammad Asad Tahir

5. Asif Rasheed

6. Noman Malik

7. Said Munaf

8. Muhammad Shamim

9. Imran Hayee Khan

The notification, while detailing the promotion, specifies that officers already posted or working against BS-20 posts on OPS (Own Pay Scale) basis will actualize their promotions against their current places of posting. Additionally, for the actualization of the promotion of the officer at Serial No. 9, the post has been personally upgraded through Board’s Notification No. 2857-IR-I/2021 dated 03.12.2021. This upgrade enables him to assume charge of the BS-20 post on promotion.

According to the FBR, the promoted officers will be on probation in terms of Section 6(2) of the Civil Servants Act, 1973, read with Rule 21 of the Civil Servants (Appointment, Promotion, and Transfer) Rules, 1973. Furthermore, officers already drawing a special allowance before this notification will continue to receive this allowance on their promotion.

The FBR, in its congratulatory message, acknowledges the accomplishments of the officers and wishes them success in their new roles. Promotions within the IRS are considered crucial for maintaining a motivated and skilled workforce, ultimately contributing to the efficiency and effectiveness of the revenue collection process.

These promotions come in line with the FBR’s commitment to fostering a positive and growth-oriented environment within the organization. Recognizing and promoting talented officers is essential for building a robust and dynamic revenue administration, ensuring that the IRS remains well-equipped to meet the challenges of evolving tax landscapes. The FBR expresses its congratulations to the promoted officers and looks forward to their continued contributions to the nation’s fiscal well-being.