FBR notifies promotion of 20 IRS officers to BS-20

FBR notifies promotion of 20 IRS officers to BS-20

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has announced the promotion of 20 officers of the Inland Revenue Service (IRS) from BS-19 to BS-20 on a regular basis, effective immediately.

The promotion comes as a recognition of the officers’ dedication and service to the Inland Revenue Service.

The officers who have been promoted are as follows:

1. Ms. Yasmin Yusuf Khan

2. Ms. Sumria Mahmood Qazi

3. Fazli Malik

4. Ms. Maryam Habib

5. Ms. Farzana Gohar Ali

6. Ashfaq Masood

7. Basit Saleem Shah

8. Muhammad Zaheer Qureshi

9. Muhammad Akbar Mahar

10. Pervez Ahmad Shar

11. Syed Khalid Shah

12. Sanaullah Nawazani

13. Amjad Hussain Memon

14. Faisal Asghar

15. Azmat Hayat Ranjha

16. Mazhar Iqbal

17. Mian Muhammad Majid Hayat

18. Ms. Bushra Fatima

19. Tauqeer Ahmad

20. Sardar Temur Khan Durrani

The FBR emphasized that officers currently posted or working against BS-20 positions on an OPS (Own Pay Scale) basis will actualize their promotions against their current places of posting. For the remaining officers, separate transfer/posting orders will be issued to actualize their promotions.

It is noteworthy that the officers, if receiving special allowances before this notification, will continue to draw this allowance following their promotion.

The Federal Board of Revenue congratulated the promoted officers, acknowledging their commitment, expertise, and valuable contributions to the Inland Revenue Service. The promotion not only recognizes individual achievements but also reflects the FBR’s commitment to fostering a skilled and motivated workforce.

The promotion of officers in the Inland Revenue Service is essential for maintaining a proficient and dedicated team that can effectively handle the complexities of revenue collection, tax enforcement, and related responsibilities. These officers play a crucial role in ensuring compliance with tax laws and contributing to the overall financial well-being of the country.

Such announcements by the FBR not only boost the morale of the officers but also serve as an encouragement for others to excel in their roles. The government’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding excellence within its ranks is crucial for building a motivated and efficient public service sector.

This promotion also underscores the ongoing efforts to strengthen the FBR and enhance its capabilities to meet the evolving challenges in revenue collection and taxation. The FBR remains focused on creating a conducive working environment that encourages professional growth and dedication among its officers.

As the promoted officers assume their new roles and responsibilities, the expectation is that their enhanced positions will contribute positively to the FBR’s mission of ensuring fair and efficient tax administration in the country.