FBR notifies promotion of senior IRS officers to BS-21

FBR notifies promotion of senior IRS officers to BS-21

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Friday issued a notification to announce the promotion of senior officers of the Inland Revenue Service (IRS) to BS-21 from BS-20 on regular basis.

The FBR issued Notification No. 2863-IR-I/2021 to notify the promotion of the following IRS officers, who are promoted to BS-21:

1. Hyder Ali Dharejo

2. Ms. Sadia Sadaf Gillani

3. Sajid Nazir Malik

4. Dr. Muhammad Sarmad Qureshi

5. Syed Syedain Raza Zaidi

6. Qasim Raza Khan

7. Ardsher Saleem Tariq

8. Muhammad Tahir

9. Mohammad Farooq Azam Memon

2. The officers already posted/working against BS-21 posts on OPS basis will actualize their promotions against their present places of posting.

The officer at S. No. 8 will actualize his promotion against his present place of posting i.e. Accountant Member, Appellate Tribunal Inland Revenue (Bench-I), Lahore.

The officer at Sr. No. 5, will actualize his promotion from the date he will return from deputation and join FBR.

The officers upon promotion will be on probation in term of Section 6(2) of the Civil Servants Act, 1973 read with Rule 21 of the Civil Servants (Appointment, Promotion and Transfer) Rules, 1973.

The officers if drawing a special allowance prior to this notification shall continue to draw this allowance on their promotion.

The FBR congratulates the aforementioned officers on their promotion.

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