FBR promotes 56 Inland Revenue Officers to BS-17

FBR promotes 56 Inland Revenue Officers to BS-17

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has promoted 56 officers BS-16 Inland Revenue officers (IROs) to BS-17 as Assistant Commissioner Inland Revenue with immediate effect.

The FBR through a notification issued August 26, 2022 promoted following IROs: (name and place of posting)

01. Tasawar Hussain, Regional Tax Office, Sialkot

02. Wasim Ahad Malik, Corporate Tax Office, Lahore

03. Fazal ur Rehman, Regional Tax Office, Rawalpindi

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04. Nazir Ahmed Soomro, Regional Tax Office-II, Karachi

05. Nouman Ali Siddiqui, Intelligence & Investigation (IR), Hyderabad

06. Manzoor Ahmed Memon, Regional Tax Office, Hyderabad

07. Muhammad Usman Khan, Corporate Tax Office, Lahore

08. Abdul Rasheed Khan, Corporate Tax Office, Lahore

09. Qaiser Mehmood, Corporate Tax Office, Lahore

10. Aijaz Hussain, Regional Tax Office, Hyderabad

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11. Athar Jawed Khan, Internal Audit (IR), Karachi (drawing salary from CTO, Karachi)

12. Rizwan Ahmed Kazmi, Regional Tax Office-II, Karachi

13. Waseem Akhtar, Internal Audit (IR), Karachi

14. Muhammad Tahir, Regional Tax Office-II, Karachi

15. Abdul Jalil Khan, Intelligence & Investigation (IR), Karachi

16. Zahid Pervaiz, Regional Tax Office, Faisalabad

17. Mehmood-ul-Hassan, Regional Tax Office, Sargodha

18. Ghulam Shabbir Shaikh, Regional Tax Office, Sukkur

19. Muhammad Shakil, Regional Tax Office-I, Karachi

20. Liaqat Ali Sahu, Regional Tax Office, Sukkur

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21. Sami Ullah Khan, Regional Tax Office, Sargodha

22. Khalid Hayat, Regional Tax Office, Islamabad

23. Muhammad Nadeem S/o Muhammad Nazir, Corporate Tax Office, Lahore

24. Iqtidar Ahmed, Large Taxpayers Office, Lahore

25. Mastoor Najeeb, Corporate Tax Office, Lahore

26. Malik Riaz Ahmad, Regional Tax Office, Lahore

27. Abdul Waheed, Regional Tax Office, Lahore

28. Tariq Baig, Corporate Tax Office, Lahore

29. Shafqat Ali Arain, Intelligence & Investigation (IR), Hyderabad

30. Syed Shabbir Ahmed Shah, Regional Tax Office, Hyderabad

31. Malik Afzal R. Tiwana, Corporate Tax Office, Karachi

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32. Abdul Lateef Kerio, Regional Tax Office, Hyderabad

33. Ameer Ali Kerio, Regional Tax Office, Hyderabad

34. Ghulam Sarwar, Regional Tax Office-I, Karachi

35. Pir Naveed Ahmed, Regional Tax Office, Sukkur

36. Jamil Ahmed Soomro, Regional Tax Office-II, Karachi

37. Abdul Khalique Jamali, Regional Tax Office, Hyderabad

38. Aftab Ahmed Thallo, Regional Tax Office, Quetta

39. Pir Sharful Haq Quershi, Regional Tax Office, Hyderabad

40. Hussain Bukksh Shahani, Regional Tax Office, Hyderabad

41. Zulfiquar Ali Jamali, Regional Tax Office, Hyderabad

42. Saleem Ahmed Hakro, Regional Tax Office, Sukkur

43. Muhammad Rafique Magsi, Regional Tax Office, Quetta

44. Sultan Ahmed Magsi, Medium Taxpayers Office, Karachi

45. Agha Avais Khan, Regional Tax Office, Sukkur

46. Kashif Ali Shah, Corporate Tax Office, Karachi

47. Irfan Ali Umrani, Regional Tax Office, Rawalpindi

48. Mujahid Hussain Shah, Regional Tax Office, Sukkur

49. Ambrat Rai, Corporate Tax Office, Karachi

50. Syed Tahir Hussain Shah, Regional Tax Office, Sukkur

51. Ashouk Kumar, Regional Tax Office, Hyderabad

52. Sajjad Hussain, Regional Tax Office, Sahiwal

53. Muhammad Hafeez Watto, Regional Tax Office, Bahawalpur

54. Riaz Ahmad S/o Shah Muhammad, Regional Tax Office, Bahawalpur

55. Rab Nawaz, Regional Tax Office, Multan

56. Masood-ul-Hassan, Regional Tax Office, Sahiwal

The FBR said that above named officers are directed to Relinquish/ assume Charge; using online HRMS facility made available at all FBR major field offices or by using IJP login in the respective offices.

The FBR further said that the above named officers if drawing performance allowance/ FBR. Fixed allowance will continue to draw it on their promotion.

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