Income Tax Ordinance 2001: Taxpayers require to keep 6-year tax record for audit

KARACHI: Taxpayers are required to maintain record of tax affairs for six year for the purpose of audit and examination.
Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) recently issued updated Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 and explained the record keeping for the purpose of examination and audit.
Section 174: Records
Sub-Section (1): Unless otherwise authorized by the Commissioner, every taxpayer shall maintain in Pakistan such accounts, documents and records as may be prescribed.
Sub-Section (2): The Commissioner may disallow or reduce a taxpayer’s claim for a deduction if the taxpayer is unable, without reasonable cause, to provide a receipt, or other record or evidence of the transaction or circumstances giving rise to the claim for the deduction.
Sub-Section (3): The accounts and documents required to be maintained under this section shall be maintained for six years after the end of the tax year to which they relate:
Provided that where any proceeding is pending before any authority or court the taxpayer shall maintain the record till final decision of the proceedings.
Explanation.— Pending proceedings include proceedings for assessment or amendment of assessment, appeal, revision, reference, petition or prosecution and any proceedings before an Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee”.
Sub-Section (4): For the purpose of this section, the expression “deduction” means any amount debited to trading account, manufacturing account, receipts and expenses account or profit and loss account.
Sub-Section (5): The Commissioner may require any person to install and use an Electronic Tax Register of such type and description as may be prescribed for the purpose of storing and accessing information regarding any transaction that has a bearing on the tax liability of such person.


  1. Why make things more complicated for the tax payer. This is one of the reasons that people do not want to come in the tax network. I sugeest the period for retention of record be reduced to 03 years. This is more pronounced to small business. Insted FBR should enhance their own capacity for maximum audits onece in 03 years

  2. Government should facilitate taxpayers not even harass them.
    This type of policies will produce more complications and persons who are not in tax net feel more relaxed.

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