FBR seeks practitioners help for tax broadening

FBR seeks practitioners help for tax broadening

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has sought assistance from tax practitioners for broadening of tax base.

In this regard a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the FBR and Pakistan Tax Bar on February 07, 2022 at FBR HQ Islamabad.

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The FBR said that in a historic development it had taken a watershed initiative to ensure facilitation in filing of tax return by new taxpayers for broadening of tax base by signing a memorandum of understanding with Pakistan Tax Bar.

The FBR is all set to launch yet another out of box digital intervention for broadening of tax base through definite information obtained about non-filers.

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The revenue body said it had already collected information about assets and expenditures of the persons outside the tax net from various sources. This information shall be made available to persons outside tax net through Tax Asaan Portal.

Under the MoU, Pakistan Tax Bar will share the lists of qualified and willing members of Tax bar to file tax return of the new taxpayers.

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The FBR will make this list of tax consultants available to new taxpayers wanting to file tax returns and will facilitate this by payment of fixed fee for filing of return to the tax consultants.

The facility will be purely voluntary and a taxpayer will have an option to avail this free of cost facility or hire his/her own tax consultant.

Broadening of tax Base is a key priority of the government and this facility of filing of tax return is an unprecedented step for facilitation of new tax payers and thus maximize tax compliance in the country.

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