FBR takes notice of closure of field offices

FBR takes notice of closure of field offices

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has taken serious notice of without approval closure of field offices for prevention against COVID-19 (coronavirus).

In an official notice issued on Tuesday, the FBR said that it had been observed with grave concern that field offices, unilaterally decided for closure of offices without approval of the Board while dealing with cases of COVID-19.

“This action not only causes embarrassment to the board but also leads to interruption in service delivery of the organization,” the FBR said.

The FBR said that although the tax body places a premium on the safety of its human resource, however, it is important that while taking precautionary steps, simultaneous measures are also taken to ensure uninterrupted provision of services to the taxpayers.

The FBR directed all the field formations to ensure close liaison with Admin Wing, FBR and in future, while dealing with matters related to COVID-19 pandemic or any decision regarding closure or other admin related matters, the same shall only be taken with prior approval of Member (Admin).