FBR urged to allow filing amnesty scheme declarations

KARACHI: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has been urged to allow those persons to file their declarations who have paid duty and taxes under amnesty scheme 2019 by due date.

Karachi Tax Bar Association (KTBA) on Monday wrote another letter to the chairman of FBR. Earlier, the bar sent letter on July 04, 2019 on the subject, wherein clarification was sought from your office to consider those declarations (who prepared on IRIS and saved as draft) as deemed accepted which could not be submitted on time due to crashing of IRIS system.

The tax bar pointed out that there are three (03) categories of taxpayers in respect of whom the clarification is necessitated:

1. Tax paid with Draft Forms:

Those taxpayers who have not only deposited the tax amount but have also prepared their declaration forms as well but were unable to submit the same on time due to the above reason.

2. Tax paid without Draft Forms:

Those taxpayers who have duly deposited the tax amount but were unable to even prepare their declaration forms.

3. Amnesty on Deferred basis:

Those taxpayers who prepared their declaration forms on deferred basis but were unable to submit the declaration forms in time. These categories of taxpayer are the most unfortunate ones as the whole chaos of 5:00 PM being the closing hours of bank should not be applicable on them in the first place as they have already decided to pay the tax after June 30, 2019 with additional payment on account of default surcharge. Their forms have disappeared from the portal altogether.

In view of the plight of the above categories of taxpayers, the FBR chairman requested to issue necessary clarification in this behalf by allowing all the bonafide amnesty filers to submit their pending declarations on IRIS portal and equally consider their declarations as deemed to have been declared on time and duly accepted.

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